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Predictive Dialer API

“the platform to build on”

Application Programming Interface (API)

ThePredictive Dialer was built from the ground up using the latest telephony, messaging, and virtualization technology. Leveraging Adobe Flash Player v10, we are the only dialer able to bring desktop-like interaction in a simple to use web-deployable end-user solution.

Access API
API integration is easy. Both telephony and CRM functionality is accessible via HTTP POST or XML SOAP calls. Most simple form posts, are easily integrated with minimal work. Custom integrations start at $200. For more information contact

Examples of API Integrations we have Performed into the Dialer:

  • web-based form posts allow your website leads to immediately be imported into a Predictive Dialing Campaign, avoiding manual entry and the need to import. Contacts appear and can be called in the Campaign in real-time. (approx cost $200)
  • drip marketing, by scheduling calls and other marketing actions
  • custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call setup forwarding to a Predictive Q (approx cost $700)
  • voice recognition software enables non-DTMF based responses from contacts. For example users can say “Customer Service” or “Yes” or “No” to route calls
  • daily automated export or statistics gathering
  • ability to replace Logo, color theme, and support and contact information ($300 commitment required)
  • archiving of recorded audio messages
  • easily combined with href=””>white labeled portal allows advanced account configuration
  • ability to integrate with a payment gateway for automatic balance top-ups

Scalability Beyond Belief
Just Better Communications is the only FreeSWITCH based predictive dialer. 70% of our competitors use Asterisks. 90% of those, use Vici-based systems. Vici is an open source project originally programmed in 2000 and is best suited for technologist and those with intimate linux and telephony knowledge. The difficulty in configuration and on-going maintenance required makes Just Better Communications and other commercially supported dialers the primary choice of serious businesses.

Compared to Asterisks, FreeSWITCH allows our dialer to support upwards of 2,000 concurrent telephone lines on a single Quad Core system.

JB Communications is a Software as a Service (SaaS). This means NO up front software to buy,NO on-going support charges, and FREE upgrades.